For all Student entrants you must not be a paid performer, assistant in any aerial, circus, burlesque style classes (paid or unpaid) an instructor or training towards teaching (paid or unpaid)  We do Vet your social medias prior to acceptance 

Student Beginner:  To enter this category you must be a true beginner student within your training studio or home self taught.

You will be OK learning to invert, inside and outside leg hangs, but not able to execute these solo.  There are also restrictions on pole tricks and spins.  Floor work also carry restrictions.   For a full list of these moves please email 

Student Intermediate:  To enter this you must be training at Intermediate level within your training studio or home self taught.  You can invert in this category.  There is a restrictions on the pole and floor work.  For this list please email

Student Advanced:  Anything goes with tricks, spins and floor work, as long as it safely executed.

Semi-profession/Instructor: Pole tricks, spins and floor, anything goes as long as its safe and well executed.  You can be an assistant in class (pain or unpaid) Working towards instructing any aerial arts, circus and burlesque style classes.  You can not be paid for performing.

Professional: Pole tricks, spins and floor anything goes as above.  You can be a sex worker, won more than one semi-pro competition, paid to dance in clubs or for any paid dancing work. 

Doubles:  This category can be a mixture of all the above.  For these rules please email 

Or follow this link for requests