Your first judge and new to the panel is a dear friend of mine who has been in the pole industry for over 10 years.
She has appeared on many stages, and of course APD17 and across Europe and has also appeared on a TV to show why SWs should be allowed to choose their profession and to stop the closure of clubs.
Can I please introduce......
Jessica Risqué
Jessica Risqué - known for her smouldering eye f*cks from across the stage, strong pole tricks and filthy floor f*cling. She has been in the Pole community for over 10 years... Competing on national levels in the era of 'pole fitness' when your butts had to be covered and if you dared do a body wave 😳 Her first instructor was an ex stripper who felt she had to hide this but allowed Miss Risqué to dance in heels from the very beginning she always said 'you are born to be a stripper'....and look here we are over 6 years experience in the sexual entertainment industry. Miss Risqué is currently heavily active with campaign to oppose the strip clubs in Bristol to close, so make sure you can follow her and the Bristol Sex Worker Collective and share/sign the surveys to keep the club's open!!! There are coming for club's near you too, so as people in the pole Industry it's very important you use your voice to support SW because not all of us as speak up!
Now enough of the politics, let's get your sexy on 🤤


I'm excited to announce our 2nd judge and new to the panel.
She is an incredible pole dancer and defiantly rocks the stage when she performs.

“Nadia/Raven (she/her) has been training pole as a student since 2017, she has been a part of several pole comps and even compèred the North West heat of these championships last year! She’s been teaching pole since December 2019 and now works across two studios, GFFDamian in Manchester and The Pole Loft in Liverpool. She has a passion for showing that pole is for every body, and taught a plus size specific class in Manchester for some time. This is her first time judging, and she can’t wait to see what everyone brings to the stage!”


And we are honoured to have an original APD Queen back on our panel. We have watched her evolve over the years with her incredible spreddies, splits and heel work.
Our 3rd and final judge heading the panel....

Emma has been an active member of the pole community since around 2006. She is a true veteran! Emma shares her passion for pole at her studio in Hull, Studio Boutique.
From private, intimate events to full house theatre cabaret shows, Emma's extensive career within the industry includes performing in a range of settings for a variety of audiences.
Emma has competed many times, highlights include Dance Filthy UK, Miss Pole Dance UK and Amateur Miss Nude in Sydney, Australia.
In 2013 Emma had her first judging appointment here at the very first Authentic's! She has since gone on to build a lengthy judging CV which includes many regional and national competitions.
Emma is known for her slinky and sensual style of pole and returning to the Authentic's final this year is both exciting and an honour for her. Roll on 9th October!